Stick Figures

How to order

Vinyl Lettering Stick People are the latest craze! Fresh, Trendy, and Fun!
I'm sure you've recently seen one on a car, and thought to yourself...
"I want one" (in which your husband quickly responds.."I don't".) We have some fun options to make you both happy.
You can personalize your "Off The Wall" stick family by fully customizing the decal (Mix and match heads, bodies, glasses, etc.)
We have hundrends of options to choose from.
If the stick family is not for you, we've got flowers, flipflops, snowmachines, fishing poles,skiis, feet, etc.
You can also go to the font section and choose a dingbat.

To order your next car or mailbox decal:

1. Click the picture to enlarge
2. Choose the # located by the face, body, and accessory you wish to include (ex. I would like the head #BA, The Body #07,
and the name if applicable, also include if adult, teenager, pre-teen, child (age), or baby)
3. Any other details- holding hands, height differences...
4. If you do not want a stick figure, please locate the decal and include the name and number
Please Specify the decal size from left to right. (Extra. large, Large, Medium, or small.)
5. Please specify the print order of the family from left to right(ex. Print order: #1 Dad #AE head #101 body, #2 Mom #BA head,
#07 body, etc.)
6. If you would like it printed on the removable cling vinyl(additonal $1.00 per decal charge),
please specify. As it will need to printed mirror style.
7. Please read additional information below. When ordering you have agreed and acknowledged that you have read
and accepted the terms below.

*We will automatically print in white unless otherwise specified (White tends to show up the best on vehicles)
*We will print the largest decal at 5" high, however width will vary depending on family size. Let me know if you have a specific area it needs to fit.
*We will choose the font for you unless otherwise specified

Additional Information:

*The cling vinyl may not adhere properly in extreme temperatures
*When washing your car, hand wash vinyl decals. Although the vinyl is waterproof, extreme water pressure may cause decal to peel.
*Although the vinyl we use is rated at 6-7 years, Off The Wall Creations cannot guarantee this. As many weather elements can shorten this expectancy.
*We will include a limited 1 year warrenty on the car or mailbox decals.
(Restrictions may apply. Please conact Erika at to see if you qualify under the 1 year warrenty)


*****Free Customizing*****
Prices are as follows:

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